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Drugs Control Administration Government - Politics
Drugs Control Administration
Drugs Control Administration
  • Business Name:Drugs Control Administration
  • Address 1:Drugs Control Administration
  • Address 2:Vengalrao Nagar Hyderabad-500 038
  • City:Hyderabad
  • Web Page:
  • Phone Number:040-23713563
  • Description:Functions

    The Drugs Control Administration in the State is implementing the following Legislation enacted by the Government of India throughout the State.

    * Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and Rules made there under.

    (Please visit www. aidcoc. org)

    * Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 1995.

    (Please visit www. nppaindia. nic. in)

    * The Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisement) Act, 1954.

    (Please visit www. aidcoc. org)

    * The Andhra Pradesh Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Rules, 1986

    (Partly only).

    Services offered to the citizens

    * Information on licensed blood Banks
    * Information on Banned drugs
    * Information on prices of notified drugs
    * Information on drugs about contra-indications, doses etc.
    * Complaints on services of Chemists and Druggists
    * Complaints on quality and adverse reactions of drugs

    Citizens can help us serve better by

    * Consulting a qualified Doctor and using drugs as per his advise only
    * Purchasing medicines from licensed Medical shop and insisting for bills
    * In case of Non-availability of any drug, informing nearest officer of Drugs Control Administration for taking further action.
    * Looking for the date of Expiry and Price printed on the label of the Drug and if any discrepancy is found, reporting to us for taking necessary action.
    * Informing details of adverse drug reaction you have come across on the use of any drug to us for investigation immediately.
    * Showing the Drugs purchased by you to your doctor for verification and guidance.
    * Destroying all containers of used Medicines along with their Labels
    * Keeping Medicines out of reach of Children
    * Storing Medicines properly as per the directions given on the label
    * Exercising the Right of Citizen to get the Drugs/Cosmetics analysed on cost by Government Analyst as per the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.
    * Instituting Prosecution against any erring Dealer/Manufacturer under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.
    * Sharing information regarding sale of medicines labeled as " Physician’s samples":Govt. supply not for sale"; in any Medical Shop.
    * Contacting departmental functionaries locally or at the State level for any guidance and assistance.

    Services offered to the Manufacturers/Distributors

    * Grant of manufacturing Licenses
    * Renewal of manufacturing licenses
    * Grant /renewal of approval for Approved Laboratories
    * Approval of Additional Products
    * Approval of Technical Staff
    * Recommending for Grant/Renewal of Licenses to Central Licensing Authority, Delhi w. r. t Vaccines and Sera; Large Volume Perennials; Blood Banks.
    * Effecting changes in existing licenses
    * Issue of WHO GMP Certificate
    * Issue of FREE Sale Certificate
    * Issue of Market standing Certificate
    * Issue of Non-Conviction Certificate
    * Issue of production capacity certificate
    * Grant of Sales Licenses
    * Renewal of Sales Licenses
    * Effecting in existing Sales Licenses

    Manufacturers/Distributors can help us for better services by

    * Following the Guidelines given under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and Rules there under.
    * Associating Drugs Control Administration in the meetings of Professional organisations like IPA, BDMA etc.
    * Applying for Renewal of licenses in time
    * While dispensing drugs against prescription, consult the doctor in case of doubt.
    * In case of doubt on quality of drugs or complaint from citizens, inform the nearest drugs Inspector.

    Designation : Director General
    Person : R.P.Meena,IPS
    Phone : 040-23713563, Fax : 040-23814360
    E-mail :

    Address :
    Drugs & Copy Right
    Drugs Control Administration
    Vengalrao Nagar
    Hyderabad-500 038

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  • Voted Users:20
  • Last Voted Date:06 February,2014
  • Overall Rating: 
    [ Excellent ]

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Users comments on Drugs Control Administration
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